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New: Manicure and Pedicure Services at Salon Belle de Soir


We’re so excited to offer manicure and pedicure services at Salon Belle de Soir. Now, our salon is a one-stop-shop for your beauty & pamper days.

Professional Michelle Nguyen graduated from Marinello School of Beauty in San Francisco in 1989, and has been working at salons around the city ever since. She started at a small salon in Cow Hollow, moved on to a place at Stonestown Galleria, and is now a part-time manicurist who we are lucky to have on-site.



  • eyebrow $15
  • lips $10
  • chin $15
  • face $45


  • manicure $20
  • spa mani (sea salt scrub with warm lotion) $35
  • french mani $28
  • kid mani (under 10) $15
  • gel manicure (including removal) $40


  • pedi $30
  • spa pedi (sea salt scrub with warm lotion) $40
  • french pedi $28
  • kids pedi (under 10) $25

Package deals:

  • mani/ped $45
  • french mani/pedi $60
  • spa mani/pedi $75
  • kids mani/pedi $35

Nail care:

  • acrylic full $35, fill $25
  • acrylic and french tip full $45 fill $35
  • pink and white acrylic full $55, fill $40
  • gel and french tip full $55, fill $45
  • gel and regular tip full $45 fill $35
  • silk and regular tip full $55, fill $35
  • silk and french tip full $65, fill $45

Additional services:

  • repair +$5
  • nail design +$5
  • acylic removal $10
  • acrylic removal with new set $5

Color change:

  • hands $10
  • feet $15
  • french color hands $15
  • french color feet $20


  • (10 minutes) $15

All nail services are performed by a licensed nail technician, and all our equipment is thoroughly sterilized after each quest

Online Booking Now Available!


Salon Belle de Soir now offers the ability to book appointments online. We hope this will be utterly convenient for you. Of course, if you prefer to call us to book appointments, that is always fine.

See online booking system

We are also pleased to offer a discount on our Keratin smoothing services. We have two options:

The Brazilian Blowout
Allows you to wash your hair the next day.
More information:
Normally $350, we are offering this service for $175. We ask that you hold your appointment with a credit card.

The Keratin Complex by Coppola
Must be left on the hair for 3 days before being washed.
More information:
Also $175!

We do not use the “express” method of Keratin treatment at Salon Belle de Soir. If you have any questions about which treatment is right for you, please call us.

Last thing — we have a new Shampoo/Styling program for our loyal and steady clients:

Single shampoo/style: $45

Package of 5 pre-paid sessions: $100

Give our new appointment booking system a try and let us know what you think!

Kids Always Welcome!


Kids are some of my favorite clients. They are so fun and good-natured and just silly. I have several children who come to me for their regular haircuts (with their parents, of course) and it always brightens my day to see them.

This is Lucy. I’ve been cutting her hair since she was two. She’s five now!

This is Peter and his sister Julia.

Peter tells me that he loves to come in for his “rock star haircuts,” but Julia isn’t quite ready to lose any of her beautiful curls yet. Nevertheless, she always joins Peter when he comes to visit me at Salon Belle de Soir. Their parents tell me that both the kids love to repeat things I say and mimic me for days after I see them.

This is Julia.

She’s nine, and I’ve been cutting her hair since she was five. Her mom tells me that Salon Belle de Soir is her favorite place to hang out.

Call Salon Belle de Soir to make an appointment for your little one!