Salon Belle De Soir’s One-Year Anniversary!


We just celebrated our one-year anniversary here at Salon Belle de Soir. I’ve been reflecting back on the past year and how amazing it has been. There have certainly been challenges, and it’s been a long journey, but overall, business has been phenomenal.

I know that it usually takes new businesses a few years to take off, and I think part of the reason that Salon Belle de Soir has done so well—even in this compromised economy—is that I’ve been blessed to collaborate with so many brilliant people. My stylists are incredibly talented and wonderful to be around.

I’ve also been working with some outside professionals who have made all the difference in getting the word out about the business. Brooke Sobel Schell is a well-connected and savvy PR consultant, and Joslyn Hamilton has been helping me edit and post these blogs. She also helped me write the words on my web site, while Tony Shen of Goliath Creative Inc. designed and built the site, which I could not be more happy with.

Running a small business is a challenge, and I know I could not have gotten this far without all of you—my creative partners, my stylists, and most importantly, my clients! Thank you all for supporting Salon Belle de Soir!


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