New Oribe Products in the Salon


When we went to Vegas to get inspired by Oribe last May we came back with some great new products for Salon Belle de Soir.

Dry Textured Spray

This one’s for big, glamorous hair. It’s an invisible spray that adds lots of volume and texture. Oribe is a hair product scientist, and his products are always based on the latest technology and better, healthier ingredients than most traditional lines. This one has polymers that absorb oil at your roots so that the style last longer.
Soft Lacquer Spray

This is a finishing spray that leaves a gloss on your hair-not a hard lacquer like old school hair sprays, but a soft sheen. You can play with it to create different textures. It’s also great for using with a flat iron to seal in the shimmer.
Super Fine Strong Hairspray

This is a new take on your basic hairspray. It gives a good hold without being stiff. You can brush your hair after you spray it on, and it will subtly hold your style.
If you’re not sure which products are going to work best on your hair or give you the effect you’re going for, come on in to Salon Belle de Soir and we’ll consult with you!

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