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You may have seen the Daily Candy write-up that we got recently for our Ionic Rescue Pro treatment. This is a great way to pamper and restore damaged hair in one quick session.

I am now certified to perform another specialized hair rescue treatment at Salon Belle de Soir. The Brazilian Keratin Treatment is an intense curl relaxer that has only become popular in the U.S. over the last few years, although they’ve been doing it in Brazil forever. I guess there is more thick, curly hair there to contend with.

Anyway, they are really onto something, and we’re excited to introduce keratin treatments at Salon Belle de Soir. Like most really effective treatments, this one takes a while to complete but has long-lasting results. It makes curly, frizzy hair not just straighter and healthier, but actually longer.

It’s a great alternative to the Japanese straightening technique that used to be so popular. Because the active ingredient of Brazilian Keratin Treatments is keratin (a natural protein that mimics the protein in human hair), it isn’t based on harsh chemicals. And it works great to heal hair that is damaged from color or other processing.

If you’re interested in trying this new hair-saving technique, make an appointment with me soon!

Or for more information about this new treatment, see the official web site. www.brazilianblowdry.com


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