How Salon Belle De Soir Got It’s Name


Many years ago, I was traveling through the French countryside and having dinner with my friends Laurence and Pascal. I had been a stylist for many years and had often thought about the day when I would have my own salon. At that point, however, it was just a dream.

My friends and I started wondering what I would name my imaginary future salon. I said that I wanted something that would connote the pinnacle goal of styling: beauty, of course. One of my friends said, what about “Belle de Soir”? It means “Beauty of the Evening.”

I loved the name immediately. Salon Belle de Soir began just this way, as an idea in my mind while I wandered the world.

Years later, I found myself with the opportunity to take over an intimate, elegant salon in San Francisco’s Marina District. Of course, I knew exactly what it would be called.

The vibe at Salon Belle de Soir reminds me of my days in France, drinking wine with friends around a comfortable table and enjoying being utterly in the moment. When I have a client in my chair, I feel connected with that person and their needs in just the same way.

And my hope for them—one that I strive to help them realize—is to have them always be the beauty of each evening that transpires in their life. I believe that’s possible for each of us!



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